Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oct. goals

Last night I had one of those dreams that come from listing my failures as I fell to sleep. I had been thinking of my monthly goals in the sidebar.

As you can see in my sidebar, I'm keeping my one and only New Year's resolution: to make monthly goals and work on those. And if I were to judge success on how many things I've accomplished over these past 9 months, then I guess I could say I've done pretty well.

Successful goals met:
I lost 5 pounds back in Jan.
I finished the indoor trim for our home.
I ordered lots of seed catalogs and planned a garden.
Did some genealogy work for my cousin
I helped Hubby finish the house in the nick of time.
We have a vegetable garden that we've enjoyed fresh veggies from (and also sunflowers and zinnas.)
We made a daylily bed behind the house.
I gave blood twice this year.
I finished a crocheted Christmas afgahan.
I unpacked several bins from moving.
I planned a successful birthday party for my daughter (which had over 30 guests!)
I sealed the shower in our master bathroom so we are using it now.
I purged a whole bin of decorating magazines.

And the greatest accomplishment of all is that, although I do have an occasional pop (Mtn. Dew or Dr. Pepper) when we eat out, I no longer have any desire to keep it in the house or use it solely for the caffiene pick-me-up that I used to NEED. I believe my addiction is over! It took 9 good months of struggling with it. If I had known at the first of the year that I would struggle for 9 months to meet that resolution, then I would have given up. Instead, picking myself back up month after month spelled success for me. I'm so happy!

If I had made this (above) list of things to do at the beginning of the year, I would have failed!

But the dream last night came from feeling out-of-control. It was partly because I was thinking on all the goals I had NOT completed. I'm not going to list them all. You can see them in the sidebar if you want a list of my many failures. LOL! So, I'm making October a month to complete goals not met thus far. I will mention that I gained the 5 pounds back but I still counted it as a success because I enjoyed having it gone for a couple of months. I'll try again. Month after month. Slowly but surely.

I will also mention that I've just recently asked Hubby to take over the budget again. I was doing it while he was concentrating on the house construction, but now that the house is finished and I am teaching our daughter again, I struggle to fit it in. This consists of paying the monthly bills, planning for yearly bills, and keeping close track on our finances to make sure that we are saving each month instead of losing ground. He is a number whiz and is glad to do it again for the sake of making sure it doesn't take my eyes off of school.

That's a big one - being able to ask for help when I need it! I should add that just so I can mark it off too. Hee, hee.


The Tile Lady said...

Funny, funny scarecrow!!!! And, I love that you met so many of your goals. I didn't even set any--how bad is that!?

Catherine said...

Teresa -- from the looks of thinks, and what I know about you, you have accomplished SO much this year. Just surviving a move, no, a complete new build, and then move, is huge! And homeschooling on top of that and making such a lovely home.

I'm trying to ignore my inner negative voice which likes to point out all that I haven't done, or am not doing, also. I've taken to writing "Morning pages" (from a wonderful book called THE WRITING DIET and THE ARTIST's WAY by Julia Cameron)--like a daily list or affirmation or processing.

I love your goals list in your blog, too.

YOU, your lovely person, and family, are such an inspiration to me. And to see your home that was built with love (by your husband!), well, that is a precious gift that is very rare in today's world.