Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Odds and Ends

This past weekend, we visited my brother's family in Illinois. The drive was over 6 hours long, but we enjoyed the visit very much. I was busy last week (doing a few things that needed tending before we left) which is why I haven't posted. This week is busy too so I want to tide you over with a few odd and end photos: The first day of Fall
The shadows of clouds drifting across the view.
All dressed up and nowhere to go

It's the queen who rules this castle...

And the King seems weary of it!

These next two photos were taken by my step-sister. This is a huge egg that she got from her chickens last week. She measured it and it was 7 inches around. As you can see, it suffered some damage as it was lain (and I imagine the hen that laid it was walking funny afterwards too!)

Here's an update about the egg:
"We cracked it open and it turned out to be an egg within an egg. According to Storey's Guide To Raising Chickens a double shelled egg occurs when an egg that is about to be laid reverses direction. The reversed egg can join up with the next egg and results with the two encased in a new shell. Storey's says, "Double-shelled eggs are so rare that no one knows exactly why or how they happen."


Angelena said...

Beautiful photos. I feel sorry for the hen that laid that egg!!

Amrita said...

Love the King nad Queen.
My! the egg is huge.

amy phillips said...

Oh My Word!!! I bet that hen realy wants to stop laying now!! I would. Realy cute blog! I added you to my favs! I'll stop by offen!! God Bless

Judy said...

Loved the pictures of the view and the cats. That is the biggest hen egg I have ever seen. Are you sure it is not one of those wild turkeys or a duck??? She needs to put that in the book of world records and the hen, too! lol.

DayPhoto said...

You live in a beautiful world. I enjoy stopping by and visiting.


The Tile Lady said...

Beautiful cats! And pretty scenery. Wow, that egg! Are you sure there isn't a goose around somewhere????

Catherine said...

I still can't get over that view of yours! But that EGG!!!!! My oh my...poor hen. Are you sure a goose didn't get in the hen house ; )

I so enjoyed seeing you tonight--what a lovely birthday surprise.