Monday, October 06, 2008

Siege of Fort Boonesborough

On the last Saturday of September, we attended the 230th anniversary of the siege of Fort Boonesborough. We spent the whole day there, browsing the fort, talking with re-enactors, and watching demonstrations.

This little video shows daughter being allowed to shoot a long-rifle inside the fort!

Visit these two links for photo slideshows of the day and a little history. This one first then this one. Be forewarned: the Native re-enactors take their parts seriously so you will see bare thighs and hips, and maybe an occasional sideview of a bottom! Not too bad though.

I'm posting photos that they didn't catch. First, I'll start with the darling children. Re-enacting is a family activity and all the participants keep a close eye on their darlings. This sweetie-pie is one of seven siblings! This little fellow was crying, "I want another biscuit!" He seemed upset that after-breakfast chores were starting instead.
Look at this little doll-baby!
Aren't they precious?!!
Here, the woman is hand-spinning buffalo fur while her husband and children listen to a story-teller.
I highly recommend visiting the fort when you can. It is very educational and includes demonstrations of frontier skills. In this cabin, a fine-dressed man displayed his gun-making and skins hung on the walls. I never knew that buffalo fur was so soft! In Kentucky, buffalo roamed wild and would shed their coats in the Spring. The women would gather it up to spin.

The blacksmith answers questions:
There was a woodwright's shop, a weaver, a spinner, a pottery cabin, a candlestick maker, two old stores, and much more!
Behind the fort was the field for the re-enactment and the Native camps.
Braiding a warrior's hair at camp:
A captive white woman (married to an Native) talks with a French trapper's wife:
The two on the left just finished posing for an artist's photograph of the Native scalping the frontier woman. The scene was complete with screams, war-whoops, and fake blood.

The seige itself was performed in the afternoon. The frontiersmen and settlers mingled outside the fort until started screams alerted them that native's were approaching:

Daniel Boone and some men went out to meet with the Natives:
The Natives held counsel but then double-crossed the men and attacked:
Poor Larry! He was overwhelmed by Natives and had his heart ripped out of his chest while his "wife" watched and screamed until the Natives turned on her too and scalped her! She's actually his real-life girlfriend. I snapped this photo just as he was coming up from one knee and saying, "Will you take my heart?" Don't freak out! It's all fake!
The sunset was glorious over the fort as another re-enactment of Native attack began.


The Tile Lady said...

This is an amazing post! Wow, so informative and lots of photographs of the Boonesboro re-enactors and the activities! The man with his heart in his hand was too funny! And, my my, that last photograph of the sunset rivals anything else I've seen on any blog for Skywatch Friday or anything! It's really beautiful!!!!

Rachel said...

I'm catching up! I LOVED the hands video!! That is so neat!

I have never been to the Apple Festival. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of it. Great pink tractor!!

I have been to Fort Boonesborough many times. I so enjoyed watching them do all those crafts. I really loved the quilting and the candle making. I haven't been in quite a while though. It was great seeing all your pictures with the people dressed back for that period. The kids are especially enchanting!!

Amrita said...

Good time you had. Good bit of history

Marci said...

Great pictures and post. I thought of you as I drove up I-75 on my way home from the wedding!!!

tipper said...

What a fun thing to do! And how neat that your daughter got to shoot the rifle. Loved all the photos-the last one is spectacular!