Friday, October 31, 2008

Stirrings of something better?

This is my current blog's 120th post. I am debating it's worth to myself and my family and my readers. IF I decide to dismantle this site, I'll warn you first so you won't think I dropped off the face of the earth! The time and mental energy that it steals from my family has once again become an obvious point here. My first calling as a Christian wife is to be the best help meet I can be. And I am to be a keeper at home, not on the world wide web. And my children need more and more of my guidance and attention, since homeschooling becomes more involved as our daughter ages.

I will still visit with you, my friends, checking on you through your own blogs and commenting as I am able. I've made some most wonderful connections and will feel loss, but growth is sometimes that way- a bit painful.

For now, I'm taking a blogging vacation, a time for reflection and prayer about how I spend my time. Until next time, dear friends, much love to you.


DayPhoto said...

Much love to you too! I think we all can understand.

The blogging friends I have made has enriched my life.


Rachel said...

I know where you are coming from and I don't have children! It does indeed take a lot of energy and time. I have had the same guilt trips. I haven't been on here as much lately. I have decided that I'll do this when I can and when I can' be it.

As Linda said above, I think we can all understand!

Amrita said...

Do what your heart says.
Have a good break

Judy said...

Much love to you, too, Teresa. Your family should always come first and I am sure we all understand. Enjoy your break and if you should feel like coming back, we would love to have you. We will miss you, too.

Anonymous said...

I do understand ... and ask God to give you wisdom. I am doing the same for myself. I've decided that rather than attempt to post something every day, I'll do it once a week or so. I also do a blog for our church but that doesn't take the time my own does.
Please let us know what you decide and enjoy the break. I think of you often my friend.
Louise @ Coram Deo