Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This side of Heaven

The other day, Lousie left this wonderful comment:

"I think you'd be a person I could talk to face-to-face should we ever meet this side of heaven. Well, if not here, certainly in heaven, our friendship will grow."

Oh, this just pleased me to no end! Not because I found it such a compliment (which I do) but because it blessed me to hear another person verbalize this same feeling I've had about other Christians.

Have you ever wanted to just sit down with some other person who you felt deep in your soul was bound for Heaven? Just sit and have a cup of coffee and talk about all the blessings and tell all the stories that could encourage one another and just praise God together? Ever wanted to ask some pastor all about his salvation and hear the story of how it happened for him? Or even just passed someone in the mall, who had that same sparkle in their eyes and their quiet spirit seemed to shout, "HELLO FELLOW FOLLOWER!" to you across the way as your eyes met and you shared a knowing smile?

I've been sorely tempted to do a quick run across the way, give that person a quick but warm hug, and say, "I can't wait to talk to you in Heaven - save me a date!"

Now, if you think I'm crazy, well, I won't try to defend my sanity. LOL!

But if you are saved and going to Heaven and realize that it will be for all eternity - then I'd think it would be easy to relate to. We, Christians, are supposed to be busy about our Father's work and are placed in many different places and situations and pass each other on the way. We all have our stories to tell but not so much time to do so if we are busy with our calling for the days are evil. If you are blessed to have someone to share with on this Earth then you are blessed indeed.

However, if you find that as you grow in Christ that the people who you used to be very close to are now scarce and you sometimes feel isolated in the midst of others because they are uncomfortable sharing their worldly jokes and stories with you, then don't fret...

There is coming a day...

And, yes, Louise, I will definitely be looking for you on the other side if we never meet here. Do you prefer coffee or tea? My mansion or yours? I have many others on my guest list too. I won't name them all because the list is very long. I'm mindful of just how long eternity is so I'm not marking anyone off the list and making room for the ones I'm not even aware of yet!

What a fellowship! What a joy divine!

Now don't we just love our internet and blogs where we can "visit" a little bit with one another and encourage one another on "this side of Heaven"?!!!


Catherine said...

Teresa, I think I'll be in a little cottage in countryside that looks a lot like Kentucky (but greener!). At least, that's if they'll let me in!

That was a lovely thing to say, your friend, but I was also going to say that I think the internet is a prelude to the kinds of telepathic (almost) communication that can be had on the other side.

I think we'll be able to dial each other up by just thinking about those we want to stop by and have some tea and muffins with in the least I hope so!


The Tile Lady said...

Teresa, this was on of the best posts I've ever is so right, that we have such a special fellowship with other Christians, even ones we may never meet until we can in Heaven, and I love knowing that we have these kinds of REAL friendships that will last throughout eternity! Hope I can meet you some time--here or there....

Louise said...

How you've blessed me my friend. And I so agree with what you're said in this post. I don't drink coffee and not much tea, but if you have water, that'll do me just fine. Our home in Heaven is so much more than we can imagine, but it's something we need to sit still and think about every now & again. I look around at fancy, expensive places here and think "Firewood ... that's about all they'll amount to one day is firewood". I'd rather invest my time / money / talents in what matters for eternity.
Thanks for being a dear friend in the state where I was born all those years ago.