Monday, November 10, 2008

Loving wishes

Greetings from the woods! To my many friends via blogland, you have been true blessings to me. Yep, you can feel it coming on. This is a good-bye.
I've blogged for several years now. This blog never did transform into what I intended - a record of our building our home - and instead served only to offer myself some diversion and to touch base with a few good ladies.

As I've grown in Christ, I am being called to make better use of my time and put my creativity into other things. But for those of you who would like to stay in contact via email or letters, please send a comment (I won't publish it) with your contact information so we can swap addresses and continue to be prayer warriors together.

I will leave this page up for a while longer. My plans are to copy off my posts, one by one, and place them into a journal, then I will delete them.
It's been a blast to be your blogger friend and get to know you! Please take care of yourselves and continue on in Christ.

With much love,


Amrita said...

Hi ladyfrom the woods, so sorry that you won 't be blogging, but we 'll remain friends. And come back whenever you think you want to.

God bless and lots of love

The Tile Lady said...

Sorry to see you go...but it was easy to see that you weren't "into" it anymore., Blessings with your other endeavors!
All the best--

Catherine said...


Well, I do understand. But you will be missed. You and another woman I know ;) in your blog removal decisions beg a lot of introspection on the topic in my world...oh, wait, I feel a blog coming on!

But seriously, glad you'll still be on Facebook and email! Phew. Otherwise it can be lonely in them thar hills!!! [And hey, tonight proved we can actually get together in real time, too!]

God bless! Catherine

amy phillips said...

Well may God Bless you on your road. I was blessed by your comment on my page. You made me cry and blessed my heart. I'll pray for you and may God bless you. Come visit me again. :-) Amy Jo

Deb said...

oh....I just now found you and your lovely blog and read that you're leaving!

....perhaps we will meet up one day in heaven and get to know each other then! You have a beautiful family and a lovely home - May God bless you as you follow His lead to use your time differently - and may all you do glorify Him! TN said...

Oh Teresa, I hate to see you go. I didn't always comment on your blog, but I kept up with you. The Santa pruses came from a pattern on Annies Attic back in October. Wish my scanner was working, I would send you the directions. Well, take care and I will be here if you need me! TN

Kat said...

I'm so sorry to see you leave! I truly understand though, I also was thinking about starting one for the house we are working on but I couldn't figure out how to do it and get everything else I needed to get done at the same time. Bless you and hope wonderful things come your way :)

Catherine said...

Hey Teresa,

Glad to see you've still kept your blog "up"...maybe one day you'll revive it again. I hope so (or should I say, holding out hope!).


Judy said...

Hi Teresa, I hope you check this once in a while. Anyway, it is just so good to hear from you. I think I will be o.k. as soon as I can get off the antibiotics and this sick feeling goes away. I am feeling better today. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and have a healthy and prosperous New Year. Write me an e-mail sometime if you get bored and let me know how you are doing. I miss your blog very much. Thank you so much for all your kind words and comments.