Monday, November 10, 2008

Loving wishes

Greetings from the woods! To my many friends via blogland, you have been true blessings to me. Yep, you can feel it coming on. This is a good-bye.
I've blogged for several years now. This blog never did transform into what I intended - a record of our building our home - and instead served only to offer myself some diversion and to touch base with a few good ladies.

As I've grown in Christ, I am being called to make better use of my time and put my creativity into other things. But for those of you who would like to stay in contact via email or letters, please send a comment (I won't publish it) with your contact information so we can swap addresses and continue to be prayer warriors together.

I will leave this page up for a while longer. My plans are to copy off my posts, one by one, and place them into a journal, then I will delete them.
It's been a blast to be your blogger friend and get to know you! Please take care of yourselves and continue on in Christ.

With much love,

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

In the little community where I grew up, THIS little building was the local voting place. It looked exactly the same back then except there would be a flag hanging from a pole next to the doorway. A pathway through the ditch in front was mowed for this day only.

My dad used to work the polls here. Cars would park on the side of the gravel road and many folks would catch up on the latest family news if they happened to be there voting at the same time.

I'm not sure where the workers (three of them women) would answer the call of nature... maybe behind it?