Tuesday, January 13, 2009

40 years of fun

(being silly last year)

HI! It's me again.

(me at 18 months)

Ahhh... blogging. I miss it a bit. And upon going through my old posts, I can see that I get the urge to delete my blog every Fall season. Is it because Autumn calls to me - to be outside? Or because the crisp air calls me to reflect in privacy? Or is it because the holidays are coming up and I feel stress to devote my time to preparations?

(40 years ago)

Perhaps I could reach a balance. Perhaps I could post only twice a month. Maybe one post dedicated to the history of our house construction. The other post would be a carefully chosen subject, perhaps seasonal.

(check out that car seat!)



Marci said...

Great pictures!!! You are still 10 years behind me!!!!

Deb said...

I think you're too hard on yourself about blogging. If you feel like it - blog. We'll enjoy reading! If you don't feel like it - don't --we'll anxiously await the next post!

Love the photos!

And yes, I remember the towels in the laundry boxes --but my Mom didn't purchase that brand very often! I don't remember that sandwich glass bowls came in oatmeal....again...probably because Mom didn't buy that brand!

mrshester said...

Yay! I do hope you stay. I've never commented before (i think) but I've been a lurker for a while. I really enjoy your blog, and would be tickled if you did stay, but you do what you need to do :)

The Tile Lady said...

Yep, I say HANG in there!!!! If for no other reason than to pray for other bloggers and to know that they are praying for you too. We all need that. CUTE pictures!