Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Around Here - Jan. 2009

As most of you have heard on the news here, that KY was hit pretty hard by an ice storm on Mon. night, the 26th. Tues. morning, this is what our place looked like:
My clothes line that hangs across the porch and deck.
A daylily stalk in the back yard.
The ground was littered with fallen branches and limbs. It was so beautiful to see each individual pine needle encased in ice.

The top of some wheat grass. It was like holding a flexible work of art.
As you can see in the photo above, we had already lost a few tree-tops by 9 a.m. This little trooper was hanging on, although bent with the sheer weight of this...
Can you imagine the weight of have each pine needle surrounded like this throughout the entire tree-top? Well, here's a video of the result:

Then it started raining pretty good which just froze onto the ice. By days end I could count 16 trees around just our house (in the woods) that had broken. And they weren't little baby pines either - we're talking big, can't wrap your arms around me, trees.
A couple of hours later our electric went off. We were without electric for 10 total hours on Tues. but were the lucky ones. My dad got his electric back on yesterday - after 8 days without. Some people still have no electric or running water.

Well, a few days later, it snowed... And just in time for somebody's birthday!
We had planned to celebrate at a restaurant with family, but since electric was still out for my family and the town, I stayed home instead with hubby and daughter.
Hubby grilled some steaks and we had those with hashbrown casserole and deep-fried okra. This is exactly what I would've ordered at the particular restaurant we had planned to go to. Then they made me a lemon cake with homemade lemon icing:
It was one of my best birthdays ever! I received as gifts: a bow/arrow rack that had been my father's - repaired and refinished, some hair clips to replace mine that had broken over the years, a purple journal to write my daily diary in (purple my fav color & the notebook I had been using had just reached it's end of blank pages), and a dvd that my hubby made that was full of photos from my childhood and then our lives together as a family set to a love song playing in the background. Yes, it made me cry. But good tears.

Other things this month: Our dog of 9 years has suddenly become a bona fide house dog due mostly to the cold weather. And I've discovered I'm allergic to dogs. Mildly. I'm o-kay as long as I take some otc meds.

Enjoying her Christmas gift - a real bed inside the people house and not just an old blanket in the dog house on the porch.

Son has stopped going to college until next Fall. He's living the life of an independent young man in another town, and looking for a job. Please say prayers for him as he is in that very precarious time of young adulthood that, many times, sets the tone for the rest of one's life.Enjoying his 19th birthday with all the family.

My sister-in-law has begun to have seizures at age 27. Please pray for her and her family as they live out-of-state with no other family around them and have two very young children. They will be coming to visit us this weekend and staying through the week while my brother has army duties that he must attend to. The doctors are trying to find the right dosage of anti-seizure medicine to give her. As you can imagine, it's very new and scary and dangerous even when she's alone with the children. They have also been going through some other very tough things, so please pray for all the situations.She also has a blog (albeit a new one) at One Family's Journey You may notice the similarity with my blog. I decorated her blog in mid-January and loved the header photo so much that I used it too. Sorry, sis!


Marci said...

Happy Birthday Theresa!!! You are 10 years behind me. I am glad you have power back. That is incredible you caught that tree breaking on video.

Mrs. Arrow said...

Hi Teresa,
I'm so glad you are blogging again! I found your blog when I was searching for blogs from Kentucky. I just moved to KY from New York City this fall.
Glad you "weathered" the ice storm okay, it WAS beautiful, wasn't it.
(Why is it the second I start typing my little ones tell me they're hungry!) Gotta run.

Judy said...

Happy late Birthday Teresa. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Your pictures of the ice storm are great but I don't want to see anymore ice ever, not even in a soft drink!! lol. I just got back online today after 11 days without cable, phone, or internet and went several days without electric and heat. You are so much better off in the country in times like this. When I lived on the farm, we could heat with wood, never had power outages, etc. I feel like I have been in jail and not allowed visitors since I could not visit my blogging friends. I am totally ready for spring. TN said...

Hi Teresa, It's good to see a post from you. Happy belated birthday! And to your son too! I'm glad the ice storm is over. That must have been really bad. Judy made me laugh...she didn't even want to see ice in her glass.
I like the new look on your blog. I went to that site where you got it! Cute stuff!

Catherine said...

Wow, Teresa, that's a lot of news. Your ice storm pics are absolutely beautiful! You were definitely harder hit up there than we were here. We only lost power for 6 hours and did not have the devastation...

I'm with you about our eldest ones finding their way...oh am I ever!