Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ice Storm

Just a quick note to my blogging buddies to say that I am without internet for awhile. That big ice storm hit here (central KY) and thankfully all I had to deal with is no electric for 10 hours last Tues. and no internet since then. Many, including my mom, my dad, and my sister have been without electric for nearly a week now. My sister helped to coordinate the shelters in Danville (I'm proud of her)and had over 150 people at one time. Two people had their birthday in the shelter: a 29 year old woman and an 84 year old man. My sister called Wal-Mart about them and they donated 3 big sheetcakes for a celebration. How nice was that?!!

I digress. I'll update when the internet service is restored. Please pray for all of those who are without work due to the outages, pray for the workers who are out day and night to repair the lines, and those who are living without electric, heat, and water.

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