Saturday, June 13, 2009

June in Bloom

My hubby just let me know that he misses my posting to this blog. How odd! I really didn't think he (who hears every tiny detail of all my days) would have such an attachment, but he likes to "check in on" me from work sometimes. LOL! I love you so much, sweetheart! You're the best!
On The Cheek
Last night we went on a date, rare but fun time alone. We ate at a nice restaurant, had ice cream sundaes at Baskin-Robbins, then watched The Great American Balloon Race. This is the kick-off to the annual Great American Brass Band Festival. It was so magical. I apologize that I have no photos to share. When I pulled out the camera the batteries were completely dead. So we just concentrated on being in the moment. As the hot-air balloons landed in fields and yards near Junction City, we did the unusual act (for us) of driving around to watch - kinda like ambulance-chasing without the morbid factor. It was so fun.

I've been crocheting again. Here are a few photos of recent projects:
You can tell my niece LOVES her crocheted gift...LOL!So I had to make her little sister one too.
I've made dolls for the youngest ones, to match their own features.

I'm currently working on another pillow cover for the niece above.

We went camping last weekend at Levi Jackson State Park. The camping part wasn't the best (having come from a nature-rich & quiet farm to a park in the middle of the city, what did I expect?) However, I highly suggest you visit the park on a day trip. The working grain mill, the Mountian Life museum, and the picnic spots are excellent spots for history and relaxation.

I plan to do a post on this visit so I'll just give you a nice taste for now...We've also been busy with a newly formed Kentucky Junior Historical Society in our county. Field trips monthly have been exciting and educational. I could really get into state and localized history as a career!
Daughter and her best-friend in the Osage Orange tree at Fort Harrod.
Also recent, my interest in family genealogy and gathering information from cemeteries.
A grave of an early ancestor to settle in Garrard County, Ky? Very possibly.
And last (but not least) we have a new addition here on the ridgetop. During the last week of May, a stray cat found her way (of COURSE it's a female) to our porch. We swore off any more pets. No more! But this one was obviously trained to tug at the heart-strings to ensure survival:

See? Even Olive likes her. So, after a trip to the vet to ensure her health, she has been give the name.....

(drumroll, please......)


May the Stray.

She will remain an outdoor kitty. We were able to draw the line there as a cat's life expectancy is 12-18 years and she is less than a year old. And I'm so tired of cat hair in the house from Motor and Maggie already, no matter how cute they can be...Maggie asleep with a ball of yarn.


Judy said...

Hi Teresa, It's nice to see another blog post and catch up with you again. Sounds like you have really been busy and enjoyed a great date with your hubby. Isn't that tree at Fort Harrod neat. I have TW's picture on it and he is just two. I bet most kids in Kentucky near Harrodsburg have been on that tree at one time or another. Your pillows are beautiful and I am sure the girls love them. I have been to a lot of Kentucky's state parks but don't think I have been to Levi Jackson yet. Your white cat is so pretty and the kitten is very cute. You will be very attached to him in years to come.
I talked with my friend in Gravel Switch the other day and she said the lady finally sold the store to a young couple from Mitchellsburg. The lady that sold it (I think her name was Ruby) took the big scales that always sat on the front porch with her! I think it had been there for years and years. I don't know what in the world she wanted with it?? Bet it was hard to move, too. I thought it gave the store character and was certainly a draw because everyone wanted to weigh on it that saw it.
Have a great week. Hugs, Judy

Louise said...

It's good to hear from you again! My cousin leaves this coming Friday for Kentucky. Her family meets every year at their Mom's home in Letcher Co., for June Meetin' as it's called. Weather permitting they go to the cemetery where other family members are buried and have church, then go back to their Mom's for dinner. It's two days of talking, eating and remembering. I've thought of going this year but not sure I can make it.

Welcome back and God bless you dear friend.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Besides the store selling, my grandparents' old place sold recently too. In fact the lady that had the store had originally been part of the plan to buy the homeplace but backed out. The fellow who bought it is from Penn. orginally but has owned on the Fork for some time. That is sad about the scales. They were such a fixture that it's akin to taking the window panes with you when you move! I'll have to take a drive down there very soon. I may be helping make lye soap at the Festival this year too so I hope to see you!

I couldn't help but look at the map for Letcher Co. but it is 7 counties away from me. :-{ It sounds like such a wonderful time of family, food, and faith planned. I know you struggle with your health (and know you are in my morning prayers every day) but I would love to hear that you had the chance to go too.

Love, teresa TN said...

Hi Teresa, long time see! :-)
It sounds like you have been a busy woman. Your house is pretty and I like the flower bed in the front. I have really been busy this Spring and Summer. You know last year I couldn't do anything and it seems now I am trying to make up for lost time. It just great to be alive, isn't it?