Sunday, June 28, 2009

Operation Beautiful

Having recently found the blog of Operation Beautiful, I have a place to click that guarantees that I will be smiling in minutes.

On this site, readers are encouraged to leave post-its in public places. These little love notes are to promote healthy self-image and counter the media perception of perfection.

I liked it so much that I posted one for myself, on the bathroom mirror:

Please ignore the outfit - I was up at 4:30 a.m. with plans to garden all morning. But you know what? I really am all of those things but I need reminding quite a lot.

In the fight against negative thoughts, I ventured into other spots:
What's that little note in the kitchen? Could it help me fight the thoughts I have about my cooking?

Well, YEAH! So what if this morning's muffins tasted just a bit too "flour-y"? I baked them from scratch with lots of love and thought for my family's health. Will this help me to enjoy cooking more as I fight the thought that I'm a bad cook? I think it's already working.

And what's this? A mirror in the laundry room where I too often see myself in housewife array - and judge my homely appearance?

Now I'm reminded not to let those thoughts prevail over the loving things I do.

Daughter loved the site and idea too. So she actually put up the first sign on her bathroom mirror:
But I admit, it sure would be nice to hear these things from someone besides myself. It would've been nice if someone else could put little love notes around the house for me.

Well, do unto others....
So I posted this one on the mirror beside Daughter's other note. She loved it and moved it to her room mirror "so I can see it in the morning when I get up."

So who else do I love around here? Little love notes for someone else...
On the bathroom mirror,

and above his dresser...

Who's day can YOU brighten?
Maybe your own?
Maybe a family member's?
Maybe some young girl who looks up into the local stuff-mart bathroom mirror?
Maybe a fellow blogger in their comment section?
I dare you.


Katidids said...

AWESOME post!!!! I used to leave random notes in my kids rooms, in back packs..hubsters truck & lunch..wonder why I stopped! I love the idea of leaving them for myself. We often belittle ourselves as women and all the mothering rolls. The kids are grown now but...I know hubby would love some more! I know I sure need them!
So glad I found your blog...Have a great day, you made mine!

Judy said...

Hi Teresa, What a great idea. I am going to write some notes, too. I think we need to remind ourselves once in a while that we are great people and also remind others. I am going to check out this website now. Thanks for the link. Hope you and your family are having a good summer.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I leave my husband and son notes sometimes! But hadn't thought of leaving myself any (except reminders and lists)!

Even the dogs get notes. I buy a box of fortune cookies and every day during "cookie time" we open them one and read them their fortunes first, then tape the fortunes to the fridge.

Marci said...

What a wonderful idea Teresa!!! By the way, you ARE a wonderful friend and I love you!!!!

Louise said...

I surely needed to read this tonight...I may have post it's covering all the walls come tomorrow! Bless you for sharing this.

Catherine said...

Great idea! Love the blog, love the idea, love YOU!

Catherine said...

PS And I SAW that Post It in the tea room bathroom! I just forgot to mention it... ; )