Monday, March 23, 2009

Evening walks

Spring has come early to Kentucky and promises to last longer than a few weeks. We love to take evening walks in our woods. Here is what we saw this weekend.

Long ago, a family lived in the holler below us. Daffodils announce you are getting close to the old homestead site. The only buildings left are a log smokehouse (which we've tried to maintain) and the ruins of a barn further down the hill.

walking down into the holler

looking back up the trail - our house sits up up on top of the ridge
Daffodils are pretty adornments even on wood elves.
Hubby looks around under the smokehouse. We wonder if this was their temporary home while they built beside it?

Found under the smokehouse this time, a pottery shard and a fork with a rose motif.

Hmmmm...another find in the leaves down from the homestead site. Do you know what it is? It seems to have an electrical wire on it.

A smiling tree, evidence of a barbed wire fence that once ran through the woods.
One more cold snap and the Redbud trees will be blooming.
Up out of the holler and down the back ridge, you pass through a small evergreen grove into the hardwoods.
Have you any idea what this brown thing is in the cedar tree? Me either. Probably a moth or bug encasement.
Sounds of wildlife on either side of the trail means stop and listen. (We are always hopeful to see a white-tail deer.) On the right, a very noisy squirrel. On the left, a group of six turkey came out the the holler soon after we passed by.
Daughter decorated my hair. And we rested on some firewood in a clearing before climbing back up to the house.
After the walk, we had iced tea on the front porch and watched the sunset. We love how beautiful everything is here! (After Hubby so kindly removed the stinking possum carcass from the front yard...)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Around Here - February 2009

Hello, all! Just an update to let you know our "doings" last month. It's been spent by having school and everyday chores for the most part.

Did I ever show you the garlands I made for the kitchen windows? No? Here they are. Actually, I made these back in early December. I used the old cookie-cutters from my childhood (thanks, Mom!) and strips of fabric on a length of sturdy wire. I also added lots of my own junk, like sun-catchers and crystals. You should be able to enlarge the photos by double-clicking on them. I've also been crocheting more than usual. For Valentine's Day, I made these hot pads. They were originally meant to be dishwashing cloths, but they were big and pretty enough to elevate to a higher purpose. I made striped ones (like the one below) and solid reds ones. If you look closely, you can see the heart pattern in each of the four sections.
We enjoyed a week in February by having my brother's family staying with us. They have two small children and three chihuahuas. Here, the dogs and our niece are napping on the couch. Boy, my memories of having small, active children and small dogs were dusty until then!
Because they live 5-6 hours away, lots of family came to visit them while they were here. It was a full week of keeping house, making dinners, and schooling but it went very well. Here's another niece, over for a visit, and looking like she has puppy-dog ears too.

I also enjoyed quite a bit of leisure reading in February. I checked out "Harbin's Ridge" by Henry Giles and "40 Acres and No Mule" by Janice Holt Giles from our local library. And I found a copy of "Your Clothes Say It For You" by Elizabeth Rice Handford (the author of "Me? Obey Him?") at the local thrift shop for 50 cents. This month, I plan to check out "Miss Willie" by Janice Holt Giles, "Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God" by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald, and several gardening books. I'd like to mention that I've received a deeper understanding of my "ridge ways" through the Giles books. So much of our Kentucky hill culture has/is being wiped out by the influence of television and the internet.

In March, we hope to cut a few large trees that have been shading our garden spot and then begin work on building raised garden beds. Hubby has been bringing home discarded/damaged block from work for this purpose.

This past week, nine wild turkey sauntered through our front yard. The bare ground near the camera is just a few feet from our front porch, so you can see how close they were! I got tickled at the brave one venturing close to the house. I could imagine the others saying as they froze in place, "There she goes again. She'll get us all eaten with her brazen ways!"


That's the news from our neck of the woods!