Friday, July 03, 2009

Middleburg Dairy Freeze

Some nights you are just too hot or too tired to cook.

And you feel like having an old-fashioned banana split.

Last night was just such a night for us.

Thank goodness the Middleburg Dairy Freeze is a short drive away!

At the intersection of Hwy 198 and 3270 (best known as Indian Creek Road), this hopping little stop will take you back to the day - and satisfies the nostalgic heart like only a hot, juicy hamburger and a cold, creamy cone piled high to the sky can do.

Shelly Adair (seen here taking Hubby's order) bought the establishment 8 years ago. At age 64, she has kept it up and running for the past 3 years. It is obvious that the place is near and dear to her heart. Everything is clean and neat. Not a piece of trash in sight. Potted flowers on the patio.

Culinary fare is the burger or hot dog among other hometown delights. Hubby orders the "super dog", which means it would take super-man to pick you up after eating it - smothered in chili, cheese, and onions. I go for the simple corndog. Shelly asks me if I want mustard or ketchup. Most places don't ask - but Shelly does. "Ketchup, please." It's served with a small cup of ketchup, just right for dunking. Little touches.

Daughter drops her burger on the way to the patio nearby. Upon realizing it, Shelly immediately calls back another one, reciting exactly the way it was special ordered the first time. But the burger had only lost it's bottom bun. I insist that she cancel the order and she replaces the bun at no extra charge. But the new burger wasn't going to be charged to me either. It was an accident. Yep, it's that kind of place.

Two concrete patio sets under a pavillion are the spot to enjoy your hot food (or ice cream). A creek bubbles in the adjacent field. One can enjoy watching the occasional car or tractor pass by. Teens hurrying to a date. Locals wave heartily out an open truck window. A tractor loaded with hay turns onto Indian Creek.

Shelly gives FREE ice cream to any of the local churches having Vacation Bible School - cones or cups. "We prefer cups, because we can make and keep those frozen plus the church can just pick them up if they want. But I love when they bring the kids here; those little faces all light up when they get their cone." I wonder if she knows her own eyes sparkle too. She lists the churches by name. 150 cones to one, 125 to another, another one coming up this week. "You tell the churches to contact me if they want ice cream for their VBS." local exchange - 9728

The elephant on the lawn MUST be mentioned! "I don't know how many kids have rode him," Shelly laughs. "I brought him with me all the way from out-of-state." Until recently, this fellow was not cemented to a slab and on occasion he would be tipped over by prankster teens. I know this because we've been there not long after the last tipping. But character is built when one has to pick up the same fellow whom I am sure was much harder to set up then push down!

Elephant-tipping in Casey County. Who knew?

However, this is not a Mayberry report about the little dairy freeze. Ms. Adair is thinking of selling for health reasons. "I've just not had the heart to call a realtor yet."

Who will continue this community business? Will they have the vision that Shelly has had - a dream of little faces peering over the counter? Will those same youngsters be met with sparkling eyes and a cold, creamy cone?

Oh, I do hope so with all my countyfied heart.