Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall is my Favorite

Fall, or Autumn, is my favorite season of them all.
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(The view from the road on the other side of the ridge. Green River Knob in the distant middle.)

If we have received the blessing of rain during the Summer season, then our deciduous trees will change their leaves from green to brillant shades of yellow, orange, and red in October. Yes, we had plenty of rain this year.

(The view from our ridgetop home.)

I'd bet that from an airplane, the lines of trees would resemble strings of amber jewels.

(In our front yard.)

(Our driveway to the house. Taken from the front porch.)

The following video was taken with me driving so it a little shaky. (If that might make you dizzy, don't watch it!) It displays the Fall colors as I drove from my neighbor's house out to the road that we live on. The mailboxes on the right is where everyone gets their mail and a great spot for catching up on how everyone is doing during the Summer. As I drive down the hill, you can see the pretty farm scenery of our rural area. (Don't laugh that I spun gravel when I took off... I forgot to keep my foot on the brake until I was up to speed to take off. LOL! I was too interested in video-taping.)

Funny how the camera made everything appear to be going faster than I was driving. I'm really a granny-slow-poke behind the wheel. And I'm sad the video/photos really don't do the vibrant colors justice. Just multiply every color by 2 in your mind!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Fall-time! (Or Spring-time in the Southern Hemi!)