Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joys - little and large

Hello to my friends and followers,

An update to let you know about a change and an update on goings-on here.

Back on Dec. 3rd, daughter and I were on our way home from errands. I decided to take a shortcut/side road to home. It only has a few homes on it and on the loneliest stretch we found this:

As you can see, she was half-starved and her paw-pads were raw, but her coat was shiny and she was very friendly. We assumed she was lost from a good home, so we took her home and placed a "found" ad in all the local papers.

But weeks went by and no one claimed her. I tried to give her away even as we house-trained her and taught her the simple commands. As you can see below, she came a long way in a few short weeks:
Happy-looking, isn't she? And rotten. No one ever offered to take her and we couldn't bear to send her to the pound, so this is home now. I've suffered from lack of sleep for a month in order to be able to hear her needing to go out at night. But she can be very sweet despite her need to romp and chew. She will become an outside dog alongside our older dog, Olive, when the temperatures stay above freezing.

Our Christmas was good. I did not host our families this year and have decided that despite thinking I needed the break, it was awfully cheerless without a house full of excited children and celebration. I did try to make up for it by cooking more treats than usual. Below is a picture snapped while I was still in my p.j.'s! Daughter helped me quite a bit this year. That's my step-mom come to visit us on the left. And those are Tipper's pralines you see in the foreground. Yummy!

And this is what Hubby got me for Christmas, Janice Holt Giles books, all first editions with their dust jackets!!! And at a very low price too! I was tickled pink.

Have you had more snow than in the decade past? We have too. And beautiful! How appropriate that when we studied snowflake formation in homeschool that we had a snow with such prominent beauties?

So far, all our snowfalls have been too fluffy to build a proper snowman, but I somehow managed to make a "cake" with some of the leftovers as it melted. I didn't get to decorate like I had hoped before it melted but perhaps next time...

Back in November, we converted our wood-burning fireplace to a woodstove that we already owned. It makes a huge difference! If ever we build again, we will not even consider having a fireplace when a woodstove is so much more efficient and warm. Our electric bill was HALF of what it was this time last year.

Familes in our county have formed a homeschooling co-op in January. Last week we went on a field trip to the Louisville Science Center to see the Titanic exhibition. Very cool yet so sobering. The tragedy was that generation's 9-11.

This was a cool thing, I thought. It's a collection of 631 antique paint brushes made in 1876. Neat! I just wish I had taken a photo of us next to the polar bear. I used to think I might like to see one in the wild but changed my mind forever after getting that close to a stuffed one!

January is the birth month for both myself and Hubby. We traditionally celebrate on the weekend that divides our birthdays. This year we made lots of food and invited family to join us anytime for 8 hours that day!!! It was fun, but next year I hope I can invite more actually. So what if the house is crowded? Some of my best childhood memories are of celebrations that were in much smaller homes with many more people. Now, for that announcement about changing. I will make this blog private sometime in Febuary as I consider my purpose for blogging and a possible move to wordpress. I will provide the link in a post here if I do decide to move. If I continue, I will separate my posts about house construction and country-living from things like recipes and my growing in Christ and my family stories. (Recently, one of my family stories was recounted on Blind Pig and the Acorn - hop on over and laugh at me!) In this way, a reader may choose to read the part that interests them at that moment instead of having to search through my blog - which is not authoritive in any of those catagories.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas season, a cozy winter this month, and many hopes for this year! And don't forget to look around you for the little joys.

One of my little joys:
What does this stump on our mudpile look like to you? I can't help but study him in the mornings as the sun rises through the tree line.